With summer comes a lot of changes, longer and warmer days, Stampede (yahoo!), no school and the opportunity to explore the city.

Calgary is a large cosmopolitan city. Diversity is what better define us, but despite the diversity we always find the way to come together as a great community.

Since our opening last November we have been trying to improve our operation, perfecting the offering and getting ready to offer to Calgarians the best experience they can have to call this a great memory from summer.

From adding value to the chimney cake ice cream cones, to the very new addition of chimney dogs we want to make sure you put Utca on the list of thigs to do this summer.

Our location is so unique and the ambience is so urban and trendy, with vies to the Calgary tower from inside, or even better from our little patio, we have no doubt that we are offering you an upgrade to whatever else you have done before.

If you want to be trendy and get urban, then Utca is what you will do this summer.


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