It was a Wednesday and after several trials, frustrated for not being able to recreate the chimney cakes at home we said let’s go to Budapest! We were living in Saudi Arabia, and there was a long weekend ahead. IT was very hard to negotiate an extra day off at work so it had to be a 72 hours visit, fully dedicated to learn the art of preparing chimney cakes.

Before decided about the trip there were several hours learning and learning about this pastry, for us it was fascinating to see how a dough could be that versatile and yet delicious.

A couple of options for flight tickets, a hotel nestled at the heart of Budapest, close to the Parliament and across from the Danube river. The adventure was about to kick off.

Through Trip Advisor we contacted a tour guide, Zoltan, who was amazingly friendly, and within his limited English he was able to help us to find a place where we can go and spent 3 days learning about recipes, techniques, tips and the history behind this traditional desert. O our way from the airport to the bakery, Zoltan told us that chimney cakes, although traditional, was a pleasure that very limited number of Hungarians were able to eat during the times of the communism in Hungary. He mentioned that he liked it but that he as not raised eating chimney cakes. He suddenly pulled over the car to show us a “Kurtoskalacs” kiosk on one of the main street of Budapest. He asked us to look north and we noticed how beautiful Budapest was. He said that most of the architecture was done by the same people that developed Paris, and because of that Budapest is known as the “little Paris”. He even showed us the a building that was designed by Gustave Eiffel, a beautiful building now occupied by a McDonald’s.

The class was intense, no matter how tired we were, the instructor (with the help of an interpreter) always shouted “keep it rolling” (now you can tell where our tag line came from).

After the class we got more interested in the chimney cakes, we could contact the main supplier of the equipment and they have been awesome, not only supplying the equipment but keeping us current on any new ideas developed by the chimney cake network.

We have this thing called passion for what we do, visit our store, the experience will be unique.


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